The Memoria Box and Other Stories

Jamie Downer returns with her second book in this new anthology, The Memoria Box and Other Stories. Get to know an insightful, talking magpie in “Paley’s Magpie.” Or raise an eyebrow at the thought of Loneliness creating a dating site profile in “Personal Ad.” Or weigh the longing and peril wrapped up in a magical box that contains fragments of one’s life in the title story “The Memoria Box.” Each of these pieces explores the bittersweet reality of memory, growing up, and letting go.

“A beautiful tango of poetry and prose that explores the depths of human wonderings, emotions and meaning. The Memoria Box masterfully weaves eloquent poems and mesmerizing short stories that whirl you into captivating fantasy worlds filled with mystery and intrigue. A must read for any artistic soul.”

Sandra Fernadez Rhoads, author of the Colliding Line duology

“Magical, mysterious, and memorable.”
Kathy Tyers, award-winning author

Walking Through SpacesWalking Through Spaces

Haven Lent is a practical person with a big imagination. If asked what she would bring to another world, her first answer would be ponytail holders and a hairbrush (it’s easier to slay a dragon if her hair isn’t in her face). But if asked to have a heart-to-heart with her father … well, let’s just say she’d rather face the dragon.

When summons from another world do come, Haven finds more required of her than her common sense. Beyond the Earth, she meets a magical child who can walk between worlds and a Lady who commands water with a flick of the wrist. Both need her help to repair a world torn in half, and the quest is shaping up to be much more dangerous, terrifying, and thrilling than anything she’s read in her favorite novels. Is Haven in over her head or right where she needs to be?

Quirky, sweeping, and full of all the things that make for great portal fantasy, Walking Through Spaces is a story that sweeps readers into another realm where ordinary people have the power to change extraordinary circumstances.

An air of unspoken, holy mystery pervades Walking Through Spaces, Jamie Downer’s debut novel. Young Haven Lent proves herself to be a humble, persistent, believable hero—and her supernatural counterpart, Aviad’s Lady, is a paragon of joyful strength in brokenness. Here’s a tale that will haunt you long after you read the last page. 

Kathy Tyers-Gillin

Author of the Firebird series, Star Wars: the Truce at Bakura, and other science fiction novels


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