Help spread the word!

Now that The Memoria Box and Other Stories has been out for a few weeks, I am wondering if I can call upon you, my lovely readers, to aid me once more. Since I am a self-published author, all marketing is self-generated—which makes reviews, ratings, and social media posts incredibly valuable. 

If you’ve read The Memoria Box in the last few weeks since it was published, there are 3 ways you could help: 

1. Post a picture of yourself on social media with the book! Use the hashtags #jamiedowner or #thememoriabox 

2. Give it a star rating and/or review on Amazon

3. Give it a star rating and/or review on Goodreads

All of these ways help tremendously in spreading the word and building my platform online. If you’ve already helped in these ways, thank you so much!


Wow, it has been a wild ride! Over the weekend, I published my new book and also held my first online launch party. Thank you to everyone who attended. It means so much to celebrate and share it with you! 

If you haven’t already purchased your copy of The Memoria Box and Other Stories, it is now available on Kindle eBook and in paperback on Amazon. 

Since I’m a self-published author, reviews mean a lot! I’d love to hear what you think. If you’re into social media, post a picture of yourself or the book with the hashtags #jamiedowner and #thememoriabox . If you love writing reviews, Amazon or Goodreads are the places to go! 

Thanks again for all your support. Happy reading!

The Memoria Box out today!

I am so excited to announce that  The Memoria Box and Other Stories is available for purchase today! You can get the paperback or Kindle eBook version over at Amazon. Yay! 

Also, online launch party later today! 

If you haven’t already done so, our online launch party is later today to celebrate the book’s release. There will be a live reading, a Q&A, and a giveaway. You still have time to register by clicking here if you’d like to attend!